Remarkable Antiques and Collectibles

Are you on the lookout for a dealer who buys or sells antiques? Look no further than D E Cleveland Antiques in Rome, NY. Swing by our store and you can choose to buy from a phenomenal selection of collectibles or sell your prized possession for the right price.

We offer FREE local delivery services.

Collectibles That We Deal With

  • Furniture
  • Pottery
  • Glassware
  • Crockery
  • Old books
  • Costume jewelry
  • Old toys
Don't worry if you don't like the item - we offer a money-back guarantee.
Vintage goods

Buy or Sell Vintage Goods

It doesn't matter whether you want to sell a unique piece or your entire estate's contents; our trained dealers will help you get the best value for your family treasures. If you wish to buy antiques, rest assured knowing you're getting a good deal. 

Contact Dennis at 315-337-8104 for more information on our antique evaluation services.
For a FREE in-store estimate on any antique item, visit us at 
217 N George St.

You can bring in your items to our store or we can come to your home to pick them up for your convenience.

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